Tangee Lipstick Tangee Lipstick

"I received the Tangee lipstick. I wore this when I was in Baylor University 55 years ago dating my husband. I had him kiss me with it on today and he said it was the same! Thank you for finding it."
- Kathryn Turner, Temple, TX

"I received many gifts this Christmas. However, my favorites were the Baby Ben Clock and Tangee Lipstick. The Tangee reminds me of my teen years. Just sniffing the tube is wonderful."
- Mrs. Janice Bockmier, Santa Clara, CA

"I grew up with Tangee lipstick and it seems it changed color according to the color in a person's lips. Imagine my surprise to find it in your catalog. I ordered it just 'for fun' but found to my delight that I could wear it for extended periods without it 'beading' on my lips. I have a very dry mouth and lips and quit wearing lipstick five or six years ago. Thank you so much."
- Ms. Mary Dean Bruns, Kent, WA

"When I saw you had Tangee lipstick I couldn't wait to get some. I am 86 years old and I haven't had lipstick that suited my complexion since I wore it before the war. I hope you keep having it -- my sister, who was not old enough to wear it then, loves it now."
- Ms. Mary Dunn, Smyrna, GA

"Now, I believe it: summer really is almost here. My very own Tangee lipstick arrived yesterday and the look, taste, and feel of it make me feel like summer vacation is just around the corner."
- S. Hamllin, Brooklyn, NY

"Just a note to say thank you for finding Tangee Lipstick for me. Though I am 80, I still like to look natural and not painted up."
- Charlotte Thompson, Chicago, IL

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